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When you really need a neutral party in your strategic talent management. Then our team is here for you. We offer you a range of customised assessment services for all your organisation's needs.

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Assessio's Assessment Services

Assessio's assessment services are a valuable resource for organisations that are facing change, whether it's adding new staff, strengthening existing skills or restructuring. Assessment services can be used in two ways - to develop existing staff and to recruit new ones. 

At Assessio, our assessment services have the experience and expertise to provide objective assessments, no matter where you are in the recruitment or development process. We support you when your organisation needs an external partner, whether you are already working in our platform or just need our services.


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To follow an evidence-based approach when trying to find your next star, we recommend that the following process is followed.

1. SCREENING - A first selection

Going through dozens, sometimes hundreds, of applications for a position is incredibly time-consuming. By setting a clear requirement profile for the role and testing early in the recruitment process, you can efficiently and non-discriminatorily examine how well each applicant matches the role - before anyone goes further in the process. This way, you can make a more time-efficient and fair first selection where all candidates are given the same chance. You don't risk missing out on your dream candidate because of a poorly written CV or a poor first impression. Assessio's consultants have solid experience in building accurate requirement profiles and can support you in this. Perhaps it is particularly important that your new employee is a quick learner and can solve complex problems? Or is it necessary that the person enjoys working in a dynamic environment? Our objective tests also enable you to identify candidates with the highest potential to succeed in the role - regardless of their gender, age, background or experience.

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Today, there are increasing demands for the recruitment process to be impartial and fair from a diversity and sustainability perspective. Assessio can step in as a second opinion / independent party in the recruitment process and support you in the difficult decision. The personal assessment is based on your requirement profile and uses data to predict who is best suited for the role. The results give you good insights into who you are hiring and how to best coach them. Using an independent party in the decision-making process creates the best conditions for the recruitment to be perceived as fair and professional, especially in more sensitive selection stages and when internal applicants are involved. 


Is your employee a high performer or is there potential for improvement? Assessio also supports clients with assessments of existing staff and deeper assessments linked to key roles in the organisation both before and in connection with internal role appointments. Our approach is based on objective criteria, together we map the employee's or leader's role. Identify any strengths and challenges and work according to evidence-based methods for behavioural change to create good conditions for optimal performance and development

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It is important to have a clear picture of the inherent potential of an organisation. Assessio offers both small and large-scale potential mapping of the organisation's employees and teams. This is to highlight the strengths and challenges of both individuals and the group/team in relation to the organisation's goals and vision. Assessio works according to a clear method with potential data as a basis and the results are presented in a clear and concrete way with a focus on specific issues and how you as an organisation can implement the lessons learned from the analysis and put them into practice. It is common for a group review to be followed by a group workshop led by Assessio's consultant or you as a platform user if you have undergone training in Strategic self-insights


5. COMPETENCY MODELLING - a central part of strategic HR work.

All industries are evolving, whether it's strategies, changing conditions or new demands from the outside world. What behaviours do you need in your organisation to be ready for the challenges of the future? How can you make them measurable? Assessio can support you through a clear process to identify the key behaviours that are important for your organisation. The method can be applied at both an organisational and role-specific level. 

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Want to know more about our platform? You will gain insight into how the tool can ensure sustainable processes for the recruitment and development of employees and leaders - and thus also your organization.


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