The end of gut feeling recruitment

Introducing the Assessio Platform




Software based on the combined experience of Assessio together with the latest advances in psychometric science, and innovative machine-learning techniques. Use evidence-based methods to match the right person with the right role.

Fair & Unbiased

An evidence-based approach grounded in the latest research in personality science. Build your talent management on scientifically valid and unbiased data. All to secure Zero Talent Waste.

A modern recruitment software with a state-of- the-art user experience

A platform that combines Assessio’s 50+ years of experience as assessment specialists with the latest in psychometric testing and data modelling in a next-generation user interface.

All this is for you to find and keep talent and unleash the full potential of your people.

Psychometric lenses, for easy recruitment

It’s now easier than ever to determine candidates necessary behaviour, personality traits and general ability. Choose between 40+ lenses based on the latest psychometric data, evaluating personalities according to the wanted traits of the position.

Choose a lens that most closely matches the job you are recruiting for, and let the data modelling determine the best “person-job” fit.

Define and enhance high-performance behaviour and culture

Data driven insights for all decision makers and candidates – enabling the best possible recruitments and development.
– Define and enhance your high performance behavior and culture
– Understand and explain the link between an individuals attributes and job success
– Use evidence based methods to match the right person with the right role faster and more efficiently than ever before

Understand and act on the link between attributes and success

Use evidence-based methods to match the right person with the right role faster and more efficiently than ever before. Turn your people data into actionable insights and use them as guidance for decision-making. Visualize the behaviours that are common in your organization and a roadmap for how to bridge the gaps between actual and desired behaviours.

Customer case

The international agency giant tried recruiting with tests - led to a top recruitment

– Take the step and try it in recruitment, it will give you insights that you didn’t have before. This industry recruits a lot based on their own contact networks ”I know someone who knows someone”. But even if you worked with someone three years ago who was very good in that particular project, its not a certainty that the person will be a good fit here and now, in your culture.

Torbjörn Olofsson, Edisen


Leadership feedback

– Dynamic indicator when a leader is effective.
– Individual coaching based on team feedback.
– Data-driven, often and in the work environment.
– Fast and cost-effective for all leaders.
– A leading KPI.

Determine Risk Behavoiur (MAP-X)

See when strengths become weaknesses. The Assessio platform comes equipped with the MAP-X test solution. MAP-X is based on the five-factor model and Assessio’s test MAP.

It shows an individual’s personality traits and connects them to the potential risk behaviours that a person may have. This increases the chance of successful recruitment.



Continuous development

The Assessio Platform is under constant development to unleash the full potential of your people. Initially, it will assure next-level quality recruitment without bias.

Moving forward it will help you use, and reuse, your people data to develop your employees with self-coaching tips and modulate performance data, unleashing your people’s full potential.

Three program modules are engineered to keep your top talents for longer, render better performance from specialists, reduce hiring toxic behaviour, build a professional employer brand and much more.

The new way to find and keep talent.



Re-use data to keep and find talent

Do your best. Improve. Repeat. By providing performance data, and visualizing both the highs and the lows, you’ll learn how to unleash the full potential of your people.

Consent model that allows both candidate and organizations to reuse assessment data.



Zero Talent Waste.