MAP Essence


Measure integrity & serviceability

Once a candidate has completed the test, screening algorithms can be switched on to interpret the result. An algorithm measures how service-oriented the candidate is and an algorithm measures the integrity factor and describes how cooperative, stress-resistant and thorough the candidate is. Furthermore, you as a user receive a decision basis where the candidate’s results are ranked between 0-10 in service ability, integrity or both.


Get a better candidate experience

MAP Essence is a candidate-friendly test with neutral and carefully selected questions from the personality test MAP. From the candidate’s perspective, the testing process provides insight into whether you are suitable for the role and the feedback report provides valuable insights into personality and behaviours. With a test time of 12 minutes, the whole process goes quickly and smoothly.



Using screening in a recruitment process means that you already set up a framework of skills and behaviors required to succeed in the role in order to quickly determine which candidates can be immediately excluded from the process and which are qualified enough to move on.

The purpose of screening is to greatly shorten recruitment processes by ensuring at an early stage that the candidates who move on have the required basic prerequisites. Screening tests can advantageously replace selection through CVs and cover letters as they offer an inclusive and non-discriminatory selection where all candidates are treated in the same objective way.

MAP Essence is a shorter version of Assessio’s MAP personality test, which is based on the five-factor model. MAP Essence maps an individual’s personality based on questions that measure extroversion, conscientiousness, openness, stability, and social style.

Once the candidate has taken the test, two screening algorithms can be switched on to read out the result. One algorithm measures how service-oriented the candidate is and the other algorithm measures the integrity factor and can describe how cooperative, stress-resistant and thorough the candidate is.

Yes, like the original version MAP, MAP Essence is DNV certified. The certification is a guarantee that the test has high validity and reliability and a well-documented norm group. This gives you as a customer of Assessio a great deal of security as you can be sure that the tool you buy meets the strict requirements in terms of quality.

DNV-GL is a certification that independently examines, for example, organizational psychology tests. They have been responsible for test review in Sweden since 2015. Their certifications include personality tests, competence tests and team tests. DNV GL has the EFPA standard for test evaluation as the basis for certification and the review is carried out by two independent experts.

When recruiting, it is easy to focus blindly on experience. Just because a candidate has worked in a store before does not necessarily mean that he or she is more service oriented compared to others. Personality tests can therefore open up career paths for a person who may have what it takes but who lacks previous experience of having worked, for example, in a shop.

The integrity and service screening algorithms help you gain insights into candidates personal suitability for service roles and other jobs where integrity or service are important parameters for doing a good job. It is well suited to use for positions with many applicants and where certain specific personal characteristics weigh heavily, for example shop staff, warehouse workers, salespeople, fitters and positions in production and manufacturing.

By having the candidates take the test, you get information about which of them meet the basic criteria. This means that you can be sure that the candidates you meet have the right basic qualities and are thereby quality assured.


• It makes a more efficient and automated process
• It is an objective and non-discriminatory way of recruiting
• It provides an improved candidate experience

Pernille Husebye, Managing Director for Assessio Norway

“The future stars of your organization is not always the candidates with the right resume.”

Pernille Husebye, Managing Director for Assessio Norway