Alex Tidgård, consultant and product developer Assessio

”Being able to measure an individual’s personality is fundamental to a business, whether it is recruitment, selection or development. To understand both our differences and similarities, and how they can best be used, benefits both the organization and the individual.”

Alex Tidgård, consultant and product developer Assessio


MAP can be performed on a computer, tablet and smartphone. The test takes about 20 minutes to complete but has no time limit.

The MAP results are available in several different reports tailored to your purpose.:

• Simple data reports with only scale points gives you an easy overview of a result.

• Descriptive interpretation report that, identifies typical characteristics, behaviors, and development proposals.

• Comprehensive leadership reports focusing on potential and development.

MAP is administered via Ascend by Assessio – a modern, secure and user-friendly platform. Ascend enables automatic candidate feedback and reuse of test results in various recruitment projects.

Yes, MAP is certified by DNV GL in Norway.

MAP can be applied in screening/selection, onboarding, staff and leadership development, succession planning and career coaching.

MAP is a test that measures how a person usually is. Based on a MAP result, the MAP-X tool can be used to measure the extreme aspects of the personality, such as risk behaviors that appear under stress, pressure and fatigue.