Build roles that develop your organization


What behaviors do you need in your organization today, to be ready to face the challenges of the future?

All industries develop, regardless of whether it is strategies, changed conditions or the outside world that make new demands. To be ready for the challenges of the future, you need to evaluate what you have today, but also identify what you need in the future. The gap that remains in between is the measure of the changes you need to make for the organization to develop.

Assessio’s potential and personal assessments are often used when an organization is facing a major change. They can be applied in two ways – for the development of existing staff and for the recruitment of new ones.

Our second opinions create a clear way forward

How we work

We help you map your organization's existing ability to deliver in different areas. For example when it comes to innovative leadership, an agile approach, or a leadership in crisis management. The purpose is to make it clear what you need to do to achieve your strategic goals, and where you should put your development initiatives to create the most value

What we measure

We make second opinions at both individual and group level to identify where the potential in the organization is, what you need to develop, and what you need to strengthen with from the outside. At the leadership level, Assessio's evaluate if the current leadership contains the behaviors necessary to meet new challenges and lead the organization in the future.

What the result will be

Through current situation analyzes, you can find the strength and waeknesses in your organization. As well as, individual action plans and development talks, with a focus on strengths and development areas. The analyzes will also provide you how you retain and further develop the employees competence in the long term.


It’s not just about evaluating your current organization – when you bring in new employees, it can affect the business in many ways. There are increasing demands that the process be impartial and not the result of “political decisions”.

Through Assessio’s second opinion, we can step in as a independent party in the recruitment process and support you in the difficult decision. In the assessment, we start from your set criteria for the role, but use our tests and tools to predict through data who is best suited.

The test results give you good insights into who to hire and how the person can be coached in the best way. Using an independent party in the decision-making process creates the best conditions for the recruitment to be perceived as fair even among internal applicants.

We offer three types of second opinons:

  • Employees
  • Middle manager / specialist
  • Senior manager / management team


Screening as the start of a process

Going through dozens, sometimes hundreds, of job applications is incredibly time-consuming. Through Assessio’s screening processes, you can effectively and non-discriminately investigate how well each applicant matches the role – before anyone moves on in the process.

By setting up a requirements profile for the role, you make it possible to match all applicants against that profile through objective tests. In this way, you bring out the candidates with the highest potential to be successful in the role – regardless of their gender, age, background, or experience.

Assessio’s consultants have extensive experience in building accurate requirements profiles. Maybe it is extra important that your new employees are quick to learn and can solve complex problems? Or is it necessary for the person to enjoy working in a dynamic environment?

We have different tests for screening depending on what is important to you when you recruit. By using screening, you build a more time-efficient recruitment process and ensure that all candidates are given the same chance. You also do not risk missing your dream candidate as a result of a poorly formulated CV.