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Five tips to prepare for an assessment

You have been invited to complete an online assessment. How do you prepare?

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Tip 1. Take an online assessment seriously

Organisations take the results of online assessments very seriously. As a participant, you should also take it seriously. You too can benefit from the results of an online assessment. It often provides clear tools and insights for your own development and choices.

Tip 2. Know what to expect

Most online assessments consist of a personality assessment, a motivations assessment and possibly a cognitive ability assessment. You often know in advance which test(s) you have to take and what the purpose of the online assessment is.

Tip 3. Be prepared

Be sure to know what is to be expected; watch the demo. But also practice the ability test, make sure you know what kind of questions to expect. There are many websites where you can practice (for free).

Tip 4. Don't try to beat the test

Answer honestly and spontaneously when completing a personality or motivations assessment. Do not try to respond differently to how you actually are and try not to respond in terms of the job role expectations. After all, you also want the future position to suit you.

Tip 5. A good night's sleep and a quiet environment

Make sure you start an online assessment when you are well-rested. In addition, make sure that you are not disturbed while completing the tests.

Test yourself!

We offer three tests here that give you an indication of your qualities, motivations and intelligence. These are short versions of three complete online assessments. These tests allow you to practice, but do not offer the same reliability and validity as the full Assessio tests.

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