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Increase the agility of your employees

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With the Learning Agility GO, employees can get started on increasing their Learning Agility. The growth chart shows the current score and growth potential at a glance.

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A person can increase their Learning Agility by being aware of their score and then acting on it. The results of the report provide concrete tips to achieve the growth potential.

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Deploy the Learning Agility GO

Make the organization more agile by making your employees more agile. By keeping the development of Learning Agility on the agenda, people, and therefore the organization, are more agile.

Actively increase agility

Agile people are indispensable in today’s changing organizations. The Learning Agility GO helps employees to actively work on increasing their agility.

Learning Agility report and online development module in one

The Learning Agility GO not only provides insight into where someone is now. With the Learning Agility GO growth chart you can also see someone’s growth potential at a glance. For each Learning Agility dimension, concrete personal tips are given to get started actively. The growth chart automatically shows how much profit a specific tip yields. This encourages employees to actively work on their own development.

Agile people in an agile organization

Make the organization more agile. By keeping the development of Learning Agility concrete on the agenda, people – and therefore the organization – are more agile.



Learning Agility is the ability to quickly develop new effective behavior based on new experiences. People who score high on Learning Agility learn more and faster from new situations.

We distinguish five dimensions for Learning Agility: Change Agility, Mental Agility, People Agility, Results Agility and Self-awareness. For each dimension, people who score high on this dimension will learn more quickly from new situations. Moreover, they will be able to acquire new skills faster and more effectively in a new situation.

The Self-awareness dimension has a special role in the Learning Agility Scan. A high score strengthens the possibilities on the other Learning Agility dimensions and a low score limits them. Those who are aware of the possibilities to become better at something themselves will learn more effectively than someone who is quickly satisfied with themselves.

  • Developing targeted agility
  • Insight into learning capacity and growth potential
  • Assessment and development module