Learning Agility Scan

Which employees carry the future of the organization?

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What is the Learning Agility Scan?

Learning Agility is a predictor for high potentials. People who learn from new situations will score higher on the Learning Agility Scan. These are the people the organization can build on in the future.

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What does the Learning Agility Scan measure?

Gain insight into the learning capacity of the organization. The Learning Agility Scan measures which people have quickly developed new effective behavior based on new experiences. Inclination, ambition and behavior are clearly mapped out.

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Using the Learning Agility Scan

An organization consists of the qualities and skills of its employees. The more employees know what their potential is and are able to learn quickly, the better for the organization.

Know agility, increase agility

With the Learning Agility Scan you can see whether your people can support the future of the organization. After all, you are looking for employees who now and in the future have the qualities to help the organization further, whether that is in an existing position or in a position that will arise in the future.

Measure development result

The Learning Agility Scan measures which people have quickly developed new effective behavior based on new experiences.

Insight into organizational learning capacity

You know the current possibilities and the way to increase the agility of employees and the organization. The development capacity is growing and contributes directly to High Performance, now and in the future.



Learning Agility is the ability to quickly develop new effective behavior based on new experiences. People who score high on Learning Agility learn more and faster from new situations.

We distinguish five dimensions for Learning Agility: Change Agility, Mental Agility, People Agility, Results Agility and Self-awareness. For each dimension, people who score high on this dimension will learn more quickly from new situations. Moreover, they will be able to acquire new skills faster and more effectively in a new situation.

The Self-awareness dimension has a special role in the Learning Agility Scan. A high score strengthens the possibilities on the other Learning Agility dimensions and a low score limits them. Those who are aware of the possibilities to become better at something themselves will learn more effectively than someone who is quickly satisfied with themselves.

  • Result measurement during development
  • Clearly charts aptitude, ambition and behavior
  • Provides insight into organizational learning capacity