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What is the VIT?

The VIT is an intelligence test that you can use at different levels.


What does the VIT measure?

The VIT measures the work and thinking level of your candidates within 30 minutes. You test your candidates at MBO, HBO or WO level.

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How can the VIT be used?

Intelligence is the most important predictor of job success. No other quality determines which candidates will be successful in your organization and which will not. With Assessio's online intelligence tests, you can quickly find out whether your candidate has the required work and thinking level or not.

Determining work and thinking level

Intelligence is an important predictor of work performance. HFMtalentindex offers various tests to determine the cognitive abilities of people. This way you can immediately find out whether the candidate has the required work and thinking level.

Valid tests for every level of thinking

You can use the capacity tests at different levels: MBO, HBO and WO. The candidate’s scores are automatically compared with the scores of an extensive and representative norm group at the desired level.

The right level of thinking

With HFMtalentindex’s Full Intelligence Test (VIT) you get a complete picture of the candidate’s thinking level in 30 minutes. HFMtalentindex also offers Specific Intelligence Tests for measuring:

• Abstract reasoning ability
• Numerical reasoning ability
• Logical reasoning ability
• Math skills
• Verbal aptitude


  • Measure work and thinking level
  • Test at different levels
  • Valid and reliable test results