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What does E-PORTFOLIO mean?

Your own e-portfolio is the personal page for all employees who use the assessments.


What does E-PORTFOLIO measure?

With a self-selected login combination, employees can access the assessments and reports that are made available to them.

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How can the E-PORTFOLIO be used?

Door een eigen ontwikkelomgeving te hebben, houdt iedere medewerker een beter en concreter overzicht over de eigen ontwikkeling en zijn ze zelf in controle om hier aan te werken.

Insight into own talents and development

With the online assessments you can give employees all the tools to steer themselves towards researching their own possibilities and talents.

Personal e-portfolio

Your own e-portfolio is the personal page for all employees who use the platform. With a login combination of their choice, they gain access to the assessments and reports that you make available to them. The management of feedback providers, the maintenance of the Development Compass or the Learning Agility GO also takes place within the e-portfolio.

Self-responsible for development

By having their own development environment, every employee has a better and more concrete overview of their own development and they are in control of working on it.


  • Development plan based on assessments
  • Personal development page
  • Personal assessment page