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Assessio helps with test tools to make objective decisions – organizations are often their own enemy in recruitment and development processes. Research shows that you have the best chance of getting a job if you don’t have children, look healthy and are tall. We want to change that.

Assessio is the leading agency specialized in strategic HR with digital solutions for recruitment and development. With offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and resellers in many other countries, we are represented in 50 countries. By means of tests and tools, we offer our customers data-driven insights about both current and potential employees. Our tools anticipate work performance, identify potential and match organizations with the right candidates based on values ​​and functions.

Assessio helps to recruit more open-minded, build and develop effective tems, coach leaders and define organizational culture. Everything to ensure that everyone gets the same opportunities and that no talent is left unused.

Recognize and leverage talent from a platform with analytics

Our vision and products help organizations to get more return from talent, by recognizing and utilizing talent. Our assessments and analysis tools provide a deeper understanding of the organization.

Get answers to questions like: Where is the talent? Who makes the difference? Why do some teams score better than others? Which combination of talents works best? How are we doing as an organisation?

For the entire organization

Insight and overview for HR, employees, managers and management. Assessio offers organizations their own online platform based on scientific, psychological knowledge using the latest techniques.

Objective and practical to use.

  • 24/7 assessments for selection, development and mobility
  • Targeted Development Modules
  • 360 degrees Feedback for performance monitoring
  • Objective data for clear analyses

Reliable and innovative

Since 1997  we have been known in the Dutch market for its reliable innovations in the HR field. We are the forerunner in Learning Agility tools and other trends and developments in the market. Always measuring and developing from the perspective of talent. Recognize and utilize talent.