Our personality test MAP, which measures an individual's natural behaviors, is one of the key tools, in combination with  our problem-solving test Matrigma, to predict workplace behaviors.

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Recruiting without prejudice and getting a better match 

Using MAP for selection gives you the opportunity to create a systematic recruitment process where everyone gets an equal chance, to actively counteract the influence of prejudice and preconceived notions, and to really get to know your candidates to make sure they will thrive and have the best possible chance to succeed in their new role. 

personality test results in the recruitment platform

What makes us different from others?


Data collection to support and guide decisions. Collect and reuse data to find your top candidate.


Evidence-based methods and solutions based on the latest the latest research in personality science and work psychology.


A user-friendly platform that simplifies complicated processes and decisions.


A comprehensive assessment platform that provides decision support for in the recruitment and development of employees, leaders and organizations.

"You win an objective, equal and fair recruitment process where everyone competes on the same terms regardless of origin, sexual orientation, gender, religious beliefs and more."


Mattias Lowebrant, Leg.Psykolog/Senior organisationskonsult på Assessio

About MAP 

Being able to measure an individual's personality is fundamental to an organization, whether in recruitment, selection or development. Understanding both our differences and similarities, and how best to use them, benefits both the organization and the individual.

Assessio Platform MAP

Backed by research  

Our personality test MAP is based on the five-factor model, the most researched and empirically supported theory for describing personality. The five-factor model started to be developed already in 1930 and has been continuously refined and researched since then.  We at Assessio have been working with psychometric testing for selection and development since 1954. Our tests are developed by experienced psychologists and psychometricians (psychometrics refers to the statistical and mathematical techniques used in the development and analysis of psychological measurement instruments). We place great importance on following new research and continuously developing our tools to offer modern, user-friendly interfaces. 

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Objective, reliable data

MAP gives you an objective and standardized basis for selection decisions and provides you with information that is critical to an individual's potential to perform on the job. This information has also proven difficult to obtain through conventional methods such as interviews, CV reviews and references. The test results can also be used in other contexts such as onboarding, succession planning and talent development. MAP is designed to be as accurate as possible. The individual's results are compared to a so-called norm group - a group of people who have taken the test before so that we know which characteristics are common and which are uncommon, and we can predict how someone who answers in a certain way is most likely to behave.

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MAP Persoonlijkheidstest

Modern interface and positive candidate experience 

MAP is adapted to work both through different browsers and mobile interfaces. The test can be taken in a variety of languages and is adapted to work for candidates with ADHD. Both the visual and content readability is very good. When an individual completes the test, they receive automatic feedback on their test results, which is usually highly appreciated. For both you as the test administrator and the individual taking the test to feel completely confident that the sensitive personal data is handled correctly, you as the test administrator are the data controller.

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Features in the platform 

Our platform contains extensive data and the tools you need for a more efficient organization. And it is constantly evolving, always in close cooperation with you as a customer. 

Personality (MAP)

Identify individuals' potential and areas of development using MAP; a personality test that maps personality and behaviors that are important in the workplace.

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Aptitude (Matrigma)

With the world-leading non-verbal aptitude test Matrigma, you can measure intelligence, reasoning, abstract logic and problem-solving skills.   

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Risk behaviors (MAP-X)

Identify risk behaviors and individual challenges. MAP-X gives you a basis to use in recruitment processes, leadership issues and team development.   

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Leadership Feedback

Empower managers in your organization with feedback from their employees. Leadership Feedback is based on modern leadership research and contributes to leadership development in the right direction.

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Self-Awareness Insights

Increase self-awareness with the help of Self-Awareness Insights. The tool, and the training, creates awareness of strengths and challenges and provides tips for development.

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Psychometric lenses

With psychometric lenses, you can be inspired by data to find new talent. In the tool you can create a profile based on test score from successful employees to match with your top candidates. 

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Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our personality test. Contact us if you want to learn more.

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MAP aims to describe an individual's personality on five scales: 

Goal orientation. How do you relate to goals and results? How important is it to you that you achieve your goals? 

Balance. How do you view your ability to deal with what you are faced with?

Openness. How do you relate to the world around you? 

Extraversion. What energy do you put into social situations and what place do you take? 

Social style. How are you perceived by others and how much do you trust the world around you? 

There are also five sub-scales for each scale that add further nuance to the results. 

The score on each scale is reported using a number on a ten-point scale. A score around the 'middle' contains the personality traits most of us exhibit. Most of us are somewhere between extrovert and introvert, on both sides of the scale, with very low and very high scores containing the more unusual types. It is how the individual assesses themselves that gives the outcome. We do not add or subtract anything. The test only aims to give as fair a picture of your personality as possible.   

It is up to you as the test administrator to decide what is right in your particular business environment. To help you match the test results, we have developed a competency framework to help you define the behaviors you are looking for. Depending on the role, some characteristics are more important than others. For example, in some roles you may need high levels of extraversion and determination to succeed, while in other roles it is not as important. 

What our five-factor test measures is an individual's natural personality. If a person's test results say they are an introvert, it certainly doesn't mean that they can't stand on stage or mingle like a professional. It just means, roughly speaking, that they have trained hard at it, and probably find it quite exhausting to have to be an extrovert all the time, day after day. 

The same goes for all the traits in the test. We usually talk about a rubber band. When the rubber band rests on a table, it is in its natural state. It is perfectly possible to stretch the rubber band to the right or left - up to a certain limit. And if it needs to be stretched all the time, it will break sooner or later. This is how human behavior works too. The closer we are to our natural behaviors, the less energy it takes from us.       

- Arabic (United Arab Emirates) 
 - Danish (Denmark)
 - English (USA)
 - Estonian (Estonia)
 - Finnish (Finland)
 - French (France)
 - Dutch (Belgium)
 - Dutch (Netherlands)
 - Italian (Italy)
 - Chinese
 - Latvian (Latvia)
 - Lithuanian (Lithuania)
 - Norwegian (Norway)
 - Spanish (Chile)
 - Spanish (Mexico)
 - Spanish (Spain)
 - Swedish (Sweden)
 - German (Germany)  

It is possible to increase the text size of the test and there is no time limit. We have taken a lot of time and care to ensure that the texts are as readable as possible. On the so-called LIX scale, the questions are at level 23 (very easy to read) and the instructions at 36 (easy to read).


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