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Don't waste potential, our platform offers simple solutions for the entire HR cycle. You get tools to optimize the recruitment, development and performance of both employees and leaders. All based on research, expertise and data.

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Assessio Group is trusted by more than 1800 organisations

What makes us different from others?


Data collection to support and guide you in decision-making.   
Collect and reuse data to find your top candidates.  


Evidence-based methods and solutions based on the latest research in personality science and occupational psychology.   


An easy-to-use platform that simplifies and streamlines complex processes and decisions. 


A comprehensive platform that provides decision support   
in recruitment, development of employees, leaders and organization. 

"We as a company must always have the best person for the job and it has clearly shown that we are onto something really good in our new way of recruiting that includes Assessio's platform."

lisa-augustsson-hübner – sts education

Lisa Augustsson-Hübner – STS Education

Why should you choose us?

With traditional ways of working  

When you make decisions based on gut feelings without reliable data, you risk losing talent and making recruitment mistakes that cost time, money and effort. Without a scientific basis, the risk of wrong decisions and lost opportunities increases.   

  •  Subjective decisions
  • Lost potential 
  • Complex and time-consuming processes  

With Assessio

With us, you can make decisions based on data and science, and you can recruit and develop talent without wasting potential or time. The platform allows you to more easily and effectively match the right person with the right role, improve leadership and strengthen your teams. All in one place. 

  • Higher quality
  • More efficient processes
  • Increased diversity and inclusion

Tools for better performance and a stronger organization

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Qualitative candidate selection 

Psychometric science and data collection make it easier to match the right person with the right role. With the help of so-called lenses, you can identify successful behaviors and use the data you collect in a more effective way. 
You can choose from ready-made job profiles, boost them to fit your organisation, or draw from your own successful employees to choose the combination of behaviors you're looking for.

When you choose the right lens, you reduce the risk of making a wrong hiring decision and losing potential, and get a more efficient process.

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Smarter recruitment

Give your candidates a better experience with quick and easy-to-use tests that give you insight into personality and problem-solving skills. 

 Behavioral interview questions provide a positive candidate experience, higher quality selection data and more objective decision making.

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Zero Talent Waste
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Increased success  

Effective leadership is a prerequisite for the success of your organisation, and self-awareness is key. With our Self-Awareness Insights module, it is possible to recognise strengths, weaknesses and biases, which in turn helps the leader to communicate more effectively and make better decisions. 

Our Leadership Feedback module offers individual coaching based on feedback from a leader's team. With these insights, leadership can be adapted to give the team optimal conditions to achieve increased success.

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"Objectivity is greater when you use tests instead of relying on your gut feeling. It also saves time and increases accuracy."


Julia Åkerlund, Talent Acquisition – Partner at Billerud

"If the company had not used testing early in the recruitment process, I would never have been called for an interview and given this opportunity."


Oscar Johansson, grundare av Aiwizo


Features in the platform 

Our platform contains extensive data and the tools you need for a more efficient organization. And it is constantly evolving, always in close cooperation with you as a customer. 

Personality (MAP)

Identify individuals' potential and areas of development using MAP; a personality test that maps personality and behaviors that are important in the workplace.

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Aptitude (Matrigma)

With the world-leading non-verbal aptitude test Matrigma, you can measure intelligence, reasoning, abstract logic and problem-solving skills.   

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Risk behaviors (MAP-X)

Identify risk behaviors and individual challenges. MAP-X gives you a basis to use in recruitment processes, leadership issues and team development.   

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Leadership Feedback

Empower managers in your organization with feedback from their employees. Leadership Feedback is based on modern leadership research and contributes to leadership development in the right direction.

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Self-Awareness Insights

Increase self-awareness with the help of Self-Awareness Insights. The tool, and the training, creates awareness of strengths and challenges and provides tips for development.

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Psychometric lenses

With psychometric lenses, you can be inspired by data to find new talent. In the tool you can create a profile based on test score from successful employees to match with your top candidates. 

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Want to know more about our platform? You will gain insight into how the tool can ensure sustainable processes for the recruitment and development of employees and leaders - and thus also your organization.


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