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What is MATCH-V?

MATCH-V helps companies to define their organizational culture and match it to individual's values and cultural preferences. The test ensures that your employees are driven by the same things as the rest of the organization. MATCH-V helps individuals to understand what they need to feel engaged and be happy at work.

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What makes us different from others?


Data collection to support and guide decisions. Collect and reuse data to find your top candidate.


Evidence-based methods and solutions based on the latest the latest research in personality science and work psychology.


A user-friendly platform that simplifies complicated processes and decisions.


A comprehensive assessment platform that provides decision support for in the recruitment and development of employees, leaders and organizations.

“MATCH-V has been designed to give individuals a depth insight into what motivates and inspires them. The test can also increase organizations’ understanding of their culture and how they can motivate their employees in ways that can bring significant changes within the company”


Reece Akhtar, head of research at the American company Deeper Signals and one of the creators of MATCH-V


MATCH-V provides a deeper understanding of the culture of the company and whether it is in line with the desired culture. 

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What does it measure?

Research shows that when people's psychological needs are satisfied, they are also more likely to invest their energy in their job. Based on the international theory "self-determination theory", MATCH-V measures individuals' motivational factors.

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How can it be used?

MATCH-V can be used in recruitment processes to evaluate how well a candidate matches the organizational culture. The higher the match score, the greater the chance that the individual will stay longer at the company. Two final candidates who both have high potential to succeed in a role can have two completely different cultural profiles, making MATCH-V an important decision basis. The test is an important part of an organization's valuation work.

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How does it work?

By ranking the organization within 7 different areas, the cultural profile is defined. The candidate then takes a test with 70 questions where the result is matched against the set cultural profile.

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Features in the platform 

Our platform contains extensive data and the tools you need for a more efficient organization. And it is constantly evolving, always in close cooperation with you as a customer. 

Personality (MAP)

Personality (MAP)  
Identify individuals' potential and areas of development using MAP; a personality test that maps personality and behaviors that are important in the workplace.

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Aptitude (Matrigma)

With the world-leading non-verbal aptitude test Matrigma, you can measure intelligence, reasoning, abstract logic and problem-solving skills.   

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Risk behaviors (MAP-X)

Identify risk behaviors and individual challenges. MAP-X gives you a basis to use in recruitment processes, leadership issues and team development.   

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Leadership Feedback

Empower managers in your organization with feedback from their employees. Leadership Feedback is based on modern leadership research and contributes to leadership development in the right direction.

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Self-Awareness Insights

Öka självkännedom med hjälp av Self-Awareness Insights. Verktyget – och utbildningen – skapar medvetenhet kring styrkor och utmaningar och ger tips på utveckling.

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Psychometric lenses

With psychometric lenses, you can be inspired by data to find new talent. In the tool you can create a profile based on test score from successful employees to match with your top candidates. 

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Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.
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Our recommendation is that in a selection process you test personality and problem-solving ability first, because it is more stable and predicts work performance stronger. Then you should look at values.

You can also work with MATCH-V as a tool for candidates to be able to test if they match your culture before they apply for the job, the test will rather be part of the attraction work.

Based on your strategy and your goals as well as your core values. Gather a group employees with good insight into the business and let them evaluate the organization individually and then discuss a common solution.

A culture is something that is shaped by the employees in the company and is lived every day, in all our collective behaviors. If you want to make it visible and define a future desirable culture, you should involve the organization through a survey but also have a dialogue about which behaviors become critical fragments.

This can be done both through workshops and surveys - Assessio can support both processes with a "train-the-trainer" and as a workshop leader.

No, it is not really that easy. A strong culture can also be destructive or homogeneous. It is rather the use of objective, accurate and non-discriminatory assessment in selection situations (both internal and external recruitment) that increases diversity. We recommend all organizations to work competence-based in selection processes and recruit on potential rather than previous performance.

What MATCH-V adds is an opportunity to match the candidate's own values towards the organizations. It is a method for ensuring future well-being in the environment you step into.

Diversity is created through personality and capacity tests, such as Assessio’s MAP and Matrigma. When it comes to diversity it is about gender, ethnicity and age. Through tests, diversity is also created in personality and in our behaviors.

What MATCH-V ensures is that everyone in the organization prefers to work in the same type of environment and have the same values. Employees will be more equal in what they value and how they view areas such as change, performance, collaboration and curiosity.

MATCH-V is about aligning everyone around their basic preconditions for performance and enjoyment at work, it is not about creating diversity in background, interests and appearance. MATCH-V also makes it possible to manage "culture-add" - to help raise awareness and make differences in driving forces manageable for teams and leaders in the organization.

Yes, that is right. The culture should of course be in line with and support the strategy that the organization has. Certainly, many organizations will have "cultural gaps" to work consciously with.

We have a process to try to ensure that these choices are made based on a given strategy and set goals. Becoming aware of the differences as an organization also means that you can begin the journey of learning from experience.

This is an important management question. If strategy and goals differ from the culture that the organization has, you will face a journey of change - and then you should match against the desired culture.

If the gaps are very large, one should still consider whether the desired culture is realistic and further adapt it. To know that you have to do a strategic workshop based on strategy and test your employees.

A gap between the current and desired culture is a good and important dialogue to have with a final candidate to increase awareness of the environment in which the candidate can step.

The only way to ensure that is to start from strategy and goals, the right culture should foster them. You can also start with your own data from staff and culture carriers about your values. Then you can set a benchmark and let it guide the decisions you make about recruitment. Follow up KPIs such as commitment and staff turnover to ensure that you are heading in the right direction.

Absolutely! You can let all your employees do the test and thus make your current culture visible. One of the main clues with this assessment is that it should be possible to both operationalize against a given strategy and be a guide.

Yes, it will be possible to set several cultures for, for example, different departments or regions.

Right now, there is a global norm group with 12,000 individuals. As soon as we receive new data, we will update it to country-specific standards.

No, MATCH-V has not been reviewed by DNV. We have validated the assessment against other tests and against the values we intend to measure - which in themselves are validated against performance. For further information, see the MATCH-V manual.

Self-determination theory (SDT) is the basis, and it is described in detail in the manual for MATCH-V.

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Want to know more about our platform? You will gain insight into how the tool can ensure sustainable processes for the recruitment and development of employees and leaders - and thus also your organization.


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